Consult with a professional advisor or representative from the community foundation in your area.  A representative from the NEPA Grantmakers will be happy to help direct you and/or your professional advisor to the proper point of contact.

The first step is to find out if another organization (nonprofit, for-profit or government) is already doing the same or similar work in your community.  Staff at the Northeastern Pennsylvania Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center (NCAC) can help you locate this information.  It is also helpful to learn what steps and resources are really involved in starting a nonprofit.  There are quite a few online resources to get you started:

There are a number of online subscription based resources available to grantseekers.  The Northeastern Pennsylvania Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center (NCAC) is the local point of contact grantseekers in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  This means that NCAC offers a variety of services and resources for nonprofits in Northeastern Pennsylvania including: professional one-on-one counseling; an extensive collection of nonprofit resources; workshops, trainings and seminars; facilitation of collaborative, partnership initiatives between various entities; and serves as a cooperating collection site for The Foundation Center, the premier search tool for grantseekers.

Regional associations of grantmakers promote the growth and effectiveness of philanthropy to improve life in their communities. They accomplish this by:

  • Delivering educational programming and resources that strengthens the effectiveness of grantmakers to meet community and global needs;
  • Providing networking opportunities among grantmakers and between grantmakers and grantseekers;
  • Serving as an information resource about all forms of philanthropy for donors, their advisors, the media, and the general public;
  • Communicating the value of philanthropy to local, state and national policymakers and the media;
  • Sustaining and supporting grantmakers, to include all sizes and types, and to aspire to represent the majority of endowed philanthropic assets in its service area.

Each regional association of grantmakers serves a specific geographic area. These areas vary in size; some are focused on serving a single metropolitan area, while others may serve an area that spans several states. Our members represent more than 4,000 foundations, corporations, organizations, and individual donors across the United States.

The NEPA Grantmakers initiative is designed to bring grantmaking organizations and agencies together to more efficiently and effectively address the grant making needs of the communities in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  The consortium allows for open discussion on grant making activities and best practices, local service deficiencies, peer collaborations, investment insight and legal challenges. It is our hope that this initiative will lead to systemic improvements in grantmaking activities throughout the region that will provide greater efficiencies and impacts to both the funders and grant recipients.

The NEPA Grantmakers is one of over 50 Regional Association of Grantmakers throughout the United States. To view a list of Regional Associations, visit The United Philanthropy Forum at

The NEPA Grantmakers forum and website are administered by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Nonprofit & Community Assistance Center (NCAC).